Friday, January 28, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
wargh! lamenye rase tak jejakkn jejariku di laman blogspot inih! :)
almost a year i guess. well, with a new url and a new blogosphere i really wanna make a difference :)

yes it's true i've been on tumblr for quite a while but it's kinda hard for me to take it seriously :)
reblogging maybe fun :) but if i write would anyone read? :)

after turning to tumblr yes i despise blogspot though! it's a bit hard for me to post. plus blogspot is where something is really serius! :)
tumblr on the other hand makes me feel childish! :)

so. i decide to keep on both blog at the same time :)

i will still write on both and i will keep on reblogging as well :)

i may not be famous but who cares :) i care but nah! :)

thus, this is a brand new second start.