a very ...-ing week :(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
it's just 2 days since the week start but both days sucks for me.
on sunday was my ferst anny <3 (thnx 2 my dear :*)
but wat happen the next day?
is the price i have to pay?
on monday, amal wat hal.
bengang btol ngn dye tau!
she's the highlight of the day laa sng cte...

aku bengang ngn mak guard kat mawar tue...
da laa sombong..
blagak plak tue..
dlm byk2 guard yg jage mawar tue..
die laaa yg sombong skali..
hari nie..
sume org wat aku pissed..
sedeyyh sgt..
rase mcm alone je..
lonely gitu..